diamond grille security door white

Diamond Grille
Security Doors

Custom made

High Grade Security Door

Aluminium Diamond Grille
Flyscreen Infill
Austral Lock
3 Point Hinge
Complete Colour Option

Melbourne Wide

Security Doors | Window Screens | Fly-Screens | Sliding Screen Doors
Installations Melbourne wide


Fitted with our diamond grille feature
for strength and security

Pest Barrier

Keeping out unwanted bugs and pests

Weather Guard

Made to withstand harsh Australian conditions


Large range of colour options to match your home

Diamond Grille Security Doors

Our Diamond Grill Security Doors provides you with a high level security door solution.

Fitted with your choice diamond grill and colour option, it will be sure to impress.

This door gives a traditional look yet providing the much needed security.

A layer of fly-screen infill is included to stop unwanted insects from entering. The fly-screen material can also be upgraded to stronger mesh options.

diamond hinge door features
Structured With An Aluminium Diamond Grille Feature, and Fly-Screen Infill
Austral Lock
3 Heavy Duty Hinges
Strong Aluminium Frame
Bug Seal
Door Is Fitted With A Bug Seal Seam Along The Bottom Of The Frame.

Standard Features Included

  • Aluminium Diamond Grille
  • Flyscreen Infill
  • Aluminium frame
  • 3 point hinge
  • Standard Austral lock
  • Bug Seal along the bottom


Diamond Grill Screens can be made for the following:

  • Front Entry Doors
  • Rear Entry Doors
  • Garage Entry Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Window Security

Options and Extras


Door frames come in a wide collection of colours for you to choose from

frame colours of security doors and screens

Grille Patterns

Single Diamond Grille + Colour Option (standard)

single diamond grille screen feature

Double Diamond Decorative Grille + Colour Option

double diamond grille screen feature

Screen Infills

Screen Infill add-ons

  • Fly-Screen Mesh – Fiberglass mesh (as standard)
  • Tuff Mesh – Woven Stainless Steel Fly Mesh
  • Pet Paw Mesh – Tough vinyl coated polyester woven fibre mesh, Super flexible mesh.
  • One-Way DVA Screen – Also known as “limited vision”


lock options:

  • Single Austral lock (as standard)
  • Single Whitco lock (top range lock)
  • 3 point locking system (ultimate security)

Pet Door

We have pet flap door options to suit any size pet that can be fitted to all of our security screen range of doors

pet door flap for security doors and screens

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